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  • A Guide for Beginners (IMG's introduction to playing Doom 3. )
  • Doom 3 (Official game page on id Software's website)
  • Doom 3 (Official website)
  • Doom 3 HQ (A well-rounded Doom 3 fansite, with custom levels, game info and a forum.)
  • Doom 3 on Win98 (A quick and easy to follow tutorial on running Doom 3 on Windows 98)
  • Doom 3 Portal (Comprehensive fansite for all things Doom 3 from fan art and fiction to a mod index.)
  • Doom Wiki (A Wiki site for the Doom series.)
  • Doomworld (Website with classic Doom and Doom 3 news and forums.)
  • Hints for Doom 3 (Question and answer type solution guide gives you nudges in the right direction before revealing the final solutions.)
  • Lord FlatHead's Homepage (Hasn't been updated since Doom 3's release, but contains a lot of interesting articles about the technology behind Doom 3 and some speculation.)
  • Once More into the Inferno (An Apple Games article about the Mac version of DOOM³ (February, 2005).)
  • PlanetDoom (GameSpy's Doom Website)

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