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Linux version

One of the many strange sights encountered in the Delta Complex... pickled Imp.
You did not expect anything to come from above did you!
Why is it in games when someone sees a freaky glowing thing their first inclination is to run straight at it?
Doom 3 can be scaled down to an amazing extent in order to run on older hardware.
And you thought they were ugly normally.
One of many tight places you are expected to crawl through... creepy!
This is what Anorexia will do to you!

Macintosh version

Main menu
Intro on dropship headed to Mars
Walked off dropship - game start
Security Checkpoint - Being scanned before entry into the complex
Departure Lounge
Dr. Betruger head of research UAC's Mars Base
Marine with Sentry Bot
Sergeant Kelly
Common Area - Video game Super Turbo Turkey Puncher - notice the doom character and doom background of game
Accessing your PDA files
Mars City Underground - loading
Entering the Underground
Many NPC's populate the underground
Underground - some areas require only your flashlight to find your way
Martian surface between airlocks
Dr. Jonathan Ishii after the explosion turns him into a zombie - I had to put the Doc down for good.
Now zombies are everywhere in the darkness
Found a med kit in the pitch blackness
Now we're talking got the pump Shotgun for close encounters
Holy mother.... an Imp! Crawling out of the pipes
Meet pump shotgun ..... Imp is down....
Reloading the shotgun as fast as possible
Mars City - loading
Being attacked
Flaming Zombies
Following a Sentry Bot with machine gun at the ready

Windows version

Main Menu
One of the numerous NPC's you get to interact with
The UAC sure like their big machines
Darkness was never this pretty
Ooh, a dead body in the corner! How gloomy....
At the Delta Labs level 2 Complex, the hallways with blood on the walls have a sense of foreboding....
Here's the PDA. You can use it to view e-mails, videos, and get info about your mission and your weapons.
Hell Gate
This marine was killed and hung upside down!
This guy used the internet too much
pure evil
Look what I found!
A Zombie banging his head on the glass
One of the games puzzles
Isn't he cute?
Mancubus coming out of a pipe.
Here's a view of the mars base from a monorail.
An Imp kept in a container to study.
Revenant Preserved. Great tourist attraction for mars.
The man behind all of it.
They don't want me to get lost.
Windows have a nice ripple effect.
The demons are here.
Not that creepy compared to what's coming later.
Welcome in hell!
Come to daddy!
Imps in hell look much better than on Mars.
Guess who's coming to dinner?
He fell asleep in a very odd position I might say.
This bathroom stall is the creepiest I've ever seen. Someone inside is heavily breathing and you can hear loud heartbeats from it too.
Ugh, thank God it was a nightmare! I dreamed that something chewed my face off.
Twisted visions.
A Chainsaw Zombie that just wants to shake hand with you.
It seems pleasure among the dead is pretty "alive" here. ;)
About to be kissed by a Lost Soul.
Guess I'm in deep trouble now, knee-deep.
Got a new toy, the Soul Cube. Now things getting interesting..
The only place in the whole game where it's not dark is here, where a fluorescent lamp explodes above your head and then returns you back into the darkness.
Heads up!
Don't worry, there's nothing this weapon can't handle.

Xbox version

The title screen awaits you!
Your first stop will be the departure lounge?
Some info panels can be downloaded to your PDA. Others cannot.
Your first mission is to fined a missing person in this area.
This little skull is going to cause havoc.
Havoc with the missing scientist!
You need to use lift panels to advance to the next level.
One of the level loading screens
Some Door Access Panels Are Damaged And Are Unusable.
Security terminals can unlock doors and storage lockers.
Info can be found on workers PDA's witch you can find throughout the game.
These robots will help you on certain levels.
Just one of the many zombie workers you will encounter.
Some zombies even have half their heads ripped off!
Even your fellow marines cannot escape the clutches of hell!
Blood and death play a big part in this game.
The kitchen holds more than death.
It holds this jewel of a game! (Looks familiar!)
Some rooms have witnessed a massacre....
While others are just dark and foreboding.
There are lots of dark shafts you will enter (Thank goodness for your torch!)

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