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An excellent reworked version for the PS1. PlayStation M4tty (91)
My favorite game in history PlayStation Damian Armstrong (5)
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PlayStation 60 3.4
SEGA Saturn 25 2.8
Combined User Score 85 3.2

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PlayStationElectric Playground (Jan 07, 1996)
Boys and girls, this is how to make a Doom clone! It is somewhat strange to still be talking about this diversion; after all, the copyright notice on the title screen puts this one at 3 years old!! However, the PlayStation's Doom is by far the absolute best version of this seminal game on the market. Even if you've played this game to death on other systems, you'll still get a bang out of this port. It is almost as if the PSX and Doom were made for one another. It fits that well. Graphics, music and sound effects have all been bumped up a notch to deliver a truly spectacular visceral experience. And, as a two player linked-up game, Doom represents the finest white knuckle experience you can currently find on Sony's machine.
In addition, the fact that is contains all three Doom games plus new levels means that this game really gives you bang for your buck. There are also three new weapons to choose from (but you'll have to search for them.) The link cable allows two Playstation owners to connect in the ultimate game of death match. Perfect all-around.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Jul 25, 2005)
Games of this caliber don't come around often--especially for a system in its infancy like the PlayStation. Crank up the stereo, kill the lights, and grab a controller--this is one gaming experience you're not likely to forget for a long time.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine (Jan, 1996)
I didn't think WMS Industries would give me a reason to pull out my M/C once again for yet another Doom, but boy was I wrong. This is the best video game version of Doom imaginable. The only thing separating this from the PC is the resolution limitations of a standard TV against an SVGA monitor. Gorgeous transparency fx, perfect controls all the levels ever and the link feature (finally!) make this game a hall-of-famer. The only options missing: an ability to import new WADS (levels) and the ability to link four PS's instead of just two.
PlayStationJoypad (Dec, 1995)
Tout possesseur de PlayStation doit posséder ce jeu, c'est une évidence. Pas pour son hyper-violence et son aspect gore très réaliste, non ! Surtout parce que cette légende du jeu micro 3D a été merveilleusement bien adaptée sur PlayStation.
PlayStationNowGamer (Dec 01, 1995)
Ultimately, the daddy of them all may now represent dating formula, but if you’ve never experienced what all the fuss was about in the first place, PlayStation Doomis a damn sight cheaper than a top of the range Pentium with all the trimmings, and this is certainly one of the best Doom’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of wetting my pants to. Oh bollocks, shouldn’t have mentioned that.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jul, 1996)
The playability of this game is right up there with the PC version, maybe even better. Great new light sourcing effects have been added. Ultimate Doom and Doom2 on ONE DISK. Quite possibly the best two player link game available for the Playstation. The sounds give this game a realistic tint but I liked the original music better. Doom sets the standard for the genre and in my opinion it always will. If you have never had Doom before go buy it. Trust me on this one, you won't regret it!
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Jul 15, 1999)
The pixelated graphics no longer impress, but Doom is still a very fun game at its core. A few of its classic stages, like "cat and mouse" and "tricks and traps", are very clever and extremely intense. The control is right-on, and the sound effects are downright terrifying at times. If you have any appreciation for video game history, you should have a copy of Doom in your collection.
SEGA SaturnSuperjuegos (Feb, 1997)
Tras una espera tan larga resulta un tanto incomprensible que DOOM para Saturn no haya alcanzado un nivel de calidad tan aplaudido como sus antecesores en otros sistemas. Aunque nadie puede negar que se trata de un auténtico DOOM, su lamentable y brusco movimiento le quitan gran parte de su espectacularidad.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (1998)
Some will complain, "Oh, it's still Doom. There's nothing new here." This is true. If you feel this way about Doom, then stay away from this version -- it won't change your mind. You still can't jump, swim or look up and down. But if your one of those cult followers or rabid fanatics of the series, then you should definitely check out this version of Doom -- it's the best console adaptation yet (circa 1995 -- not including the Nintendo 64 version which had all new levels).
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (Apr, 1997)
For Saturn fans, this may satisfy your urge to spill some demon blood. Let's hope if Final Doom ever makes it to the Saturn, it's closer to the Playstation version than this one is.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 21, 1996)
While there are a few problems with control, most noticeably in turning corners, the game looks great. Let's face it, though, Doom is starting to get a little old. But if you want a faithful conversion of it, this is the one.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground (May 23, 1997)
Until today, the Saturn was the last current game system to not have a port of Doom in its library. After playing this absolutely horrible conversion, I have no other choice but to say that I wish it had remained that way.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot (Apr 22, 1997)
The Saturn finally has its own version of Doom, and not only is it about two years too late, but it's also completely worthless. You know the story: Space Marine discovers his platoon has been wiped out, Space Marine gets pistol, Space Marine opens a can of whoop-ass on an almost infinite number of demons. Saturn Doom contains all the Ultimate Doom and Doom II levels for a grand total of sixty, which by now most of you should be able to complete on the hardest setting with one arm tied behind your back.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide (1998)
So what you're left with is an incredibly bad translation of one of the 90s most cherished and revolutionary games. If you have ever played Doom before, don't even dare try playing this version. There are no new levels or multi-player support (unless you link two systems together) and it runs on with a frame rate that might have been acceptable in the very early 90s or late 80s. Stick with the PC or even PlayStation version.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic (Jan 25, 2012)
Doom is a classic first-person shooter that originated on the PC but later appeared on many consoles in the mid-90's. This Saturn edition is seriously weak, especially compared to its Playstation cousin. The graphics look washed out and the sound effects lack punch. Why in the heck does it sound like I'm taking damage when I walk down steps? What really hurts the game however is the lousy frame-rate. After a few levels the slow, jerky visuals can give you a massive headache. And when the frame-rate slows, the controls become sluggish and inexact. Even opening a door looks choppy. The back of the box claims the game is "deathmatch-ready with two-player link capabilities" but as far as I can tell that is completely false. As is often the case, Saturn owners got the short end of the stick.