DoorDoor Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Title screen
Don't forget to close the door!
Use the stairs to go up and down
Lock those monsters up

NES version

Title screen
Cut-scene reminiscent of Pac-Man
Got an enemy to enter a door.
Shutting the door on an enemy.
Collect the item for bonus points.
That little green spike will kill you if you touch it.
The race to the top
Falling to your death.
Game over

PC-88 version

Title screen. (The fourth enemy, Otapyon, wasn't present in this original version.)
Score table.
Intro screen.
The first level.
Later releases sported this colorful title screen.
This "mkII" version, with nicer graphics and music, apparently first came out in 1985.
Some easier stages have also been added on to the beginning to introduce the basic gameplay concepts.
Falling to your doom.

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Start of the game
Walk right in, the doors are open
Hey, you're just as surprised as me... apparently even falling down a little height like that will kill Chun
Game Over