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Doriath (Commodore 64)

Doriath Commodore 64 Title Screen.


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Programmer and blogger F-Cycles had decided to write a version of the game for the ColecoVision but cancelled the plans. Here are his reasons from his blog:

Last year, on December 31, I was talking with one of my friend about this project. He was enthusiast and supportive but concerns about the legal aspect. After all, I did not succeed to get in touch with the authors of the original game! The few emails I sent to websites related to that game remains unanswered after nearly a year. He suggests… Instead of working on porting a game, I should do my own game. It is one possible solution... but doing a port or a sequel of an existing game should help to boost the popularity and have more people to enjoy/talk about it. But, my friend told me (again) his bad experience in the past regarding copyright. That without a written agreement I could put myself at risk to get a legal letter at any time. So, after we discuss this topic, I decided... yes, I should do my own adventure game from scratch.

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