1942: The Pacific Air War Credits


Game DesignEd Fletcher, John Paquin, Michael Rea
Simulation & AI ProgrammingEd Fletcher
3D Graphics ProgrammingJohn Paquin
3D Object Driver ProgrammingScott Spanburg
Carrier Battles ProgrammingMichael Springer
Miscellaneous ProgrammingRick Wittstruck
SoundKen Lagace (as Ken Legace ), Jim McConkey, Mark Reis
ManualsJohn Possidente (Writing), Joseph Morel (Design & Layout), Cesar Novoa (Design & Layout), Mark Behlart (History), Lawrence T. Russell (History), Sarah Kerr (Design & Layout)
Manual Illustrations/PhotosNicholas J. Rusko-Berger, Andrew T. Laken
PackagingJohn Emory, Moshe Milich
Lead ArtistTodd Brizzi
2D ArtTodd Brizzi, Barbara Jeznach, Andrew T. Laken, Erroll Roberts
3D ArtMax D. Remington III, Susan Ullrich
Opening Sequence & AnimationsAndrew T. Laken
Quality Assurance LeadAndy Mazurek
Quality AssuranceFrank Brown, Walter Carter, Jeff Dinger, Jennifer MacLean, Matt Showalter, Destin Strader, Tammy Talbott, Jim Tricario, Brian Wilson
ProducerEd Fletcher
Special Thanks ToTom Basham (Thunk), John Bruning Sr., George Wargo (Ret.), Michael Reis, Steve Johnson (Lt. USAF), William P. Mack (Vice-Adm. Ret.)
WritingIra Wolfert (excerpts from _Battle for the Solomons_ in Pilots Handbook)
Package DesignSarah Warburton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Robert Morgan (1060), Patrick Bregger (192726), Jeanne (76599) and formercontrib (159767)