221 B Baker St. Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Welcome to 221b Baker Street (EGA)
Title screen (EGA)
Choose you character (EGA)
221b Baker Street (EGA)
Choose up to 30 different cases! (EGA)
Do you take the secret tunnel? (EGA)
Each buidling type offers different types of clues. Banks for instance give clues of financial nature. (EGA)
Before solving a case, a player must obtain a badge from Scotland Yard and return to Baker Street. (EGA)
Sometimes you have the option to lock up buildings. This is a strategy to prevent other players to obtain important clues... (EGA)
The Carriage Depot offers instant transportation to a location of your choice! (EGA)
Apothecary. (EGA)
Newspaper shop. (EGA)
At the docks. (EGA)
Locksmith shop - here you can get a key. (EGA)
Hotel. (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Character selection (CGA)
The game board (CGA)
An encoded clue! (CGA)
I'm at the dock. (CGA)
I was walking in the park one day... (EGA)