Written by  :  emerging_lurker (136)
Written on  :  Mar 07, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Talk about a great game for its time!

The Good

This game came out in `91, but it still has not been surpassed as the best boxing game, beating out Sierra Championship Boxing. There hasn't exactly been a lot of competitors since then, but I doubt they could beat the sheer fun of this game. The graphics were pretty damn good for the time (except for on an 8086, in which they sucked royally), but the gameplay really makes this. The game is just sheerly FUN. You could play it many times, and it still would be fun. It is just a triumph of game design.

The Bad

Copy protection sucks, but it was virtually a requirement back then, so that can be overlooked. Also, you could beat the game hitting two buttons, but you didn't HAVE to. I truly cannot think of anything else.

The Bottom Line

Mah children, do not be scared off by the age of it; this is one of the best sports games ever made.