ABC Monday Night Football Credits


ProducerDenny Thorley
Game DesignScott Orr, Season Ticket Productions
Developed byPark Place Production Team
Team MemberMichael Knox, Troy A. Lyndon
Graphic ArtistsArt Huff, Steve Quinn, Chris Palomino
Special ThanksScott Orr, Mark Beaumont, Denny Thorley, Sean B. Barger, John Reego, Robin and Carol, Judy Burt, Yves Lempereur, Mom Dad and Rich, the Man upstairs, Ken Oholendt, Chris Oholendt
Technical DocumentationMard Naman
Game TestingTesting 1‑2‑3
Team OwnerJim Whims
General ManagerMark Beaumont
Head CoachDenny Thorley
Team ManagerConnie Freeman
QuarterbackSherri Hinson
Special TeamsMike Davichick, Judy Burt, Carol Galloway
Offensive CoachesEd Shimmon, Brian Balistreri, Beeline Group Inc
MIS SupportIan McGee

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