Abrams Battle Tank (DOS)

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Written by  :  Kasey Chang (4617)
Written on  :  Nov 23, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Not a really a sim, but not arcade either, definitely weird mixture

The Good

Good graphics (for the time), pretty good control, lots of items to blow up, decent terrain

The Bad

It's more of a action/puzzle like Stellar 7 or Nova 9, not tactics. Enemy follows exact script and you get to shoot helicopters with your cannon!

The Bottom Line

ABT is a weird mix of arcade action, 3D puzzle, and tank simulation. It's not realistic in some aspects, realistic in others, and has a strict script that requires almost a puzzle-like approach.

ABT is a 3D tank simulation that puts you in the four crew positions of an M-1 tank where you fight Warsaw Pact forces in a series of missions. The terrain and graphics are quite good for the time. However, the game seem to have no bearing on reality at times. You are virtually alone on the battlefield except for a few AI units that doesn't shoot back, and you're given "search-and-destroy" missions that require you to play guerilla war with a 60-ton tank! There's even special ammo (the AX round) for your cannon designed to shoot down helicopters!

The action reduces you to play the missions like a puzzle. Take out this portion, take out that portion, then come through this direction and do this... Then you'll win. Any other way would be far more difficult or impossible. This drops the replay value to just about zero.

If you want an authentic sim, try MicroProse's M-1 Tank Platoon instead.