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Advertising Blurbs

Print advertisement - PC Player 12/94:
    Das in Zusammenarbeit mit deutschen U-Boot-Kommandanten des Zweiten Weltkriegs entstandene «Aces of the Deep» ist die realistischste und technisch fortgeschrittenste Simulation des deutschen U-Boot-Krieges, die es je gab. Penibel genau recherchierte und detaillierte historische Aufträge, ein ganzes Arsenal an verschiedenen Kampfarten, dazu verblüffende Special Effects, digitalisierte Sprachausgabe und erstaunliche 3D-Grafiken - diese explosive Mischung ergibt ein packendes und atmosphärisch unglaublich dichtes Spiel.

    Erhältlich für PC CD-ROM und PC 3.5 November 94.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (155372) on Apr 01, 2010.

Sierra Winter Catalog 94/95:
    Between September 1939 and May 1945, as mankind continued to push the boundaries of war beneath the surface of the great oceans, Germany launched over 1,000 U-boats into combat against the Allies. These submersible war machines prowled the stormy seas, striking without warning as deadly phantoms of the deep. As the commander of a U-boat you stalk the enemy in a battle where the hunter quickly becomes the hunted. Attempt to strangle shipping lanes and outmaneuver convoy escorts. React as technological advances, such as sonar and radar, wreak havoc with your mission.

    "Aces of the Deep sets the standard for submarine simulations, perhaps even simulations in general." -Computer Gaming World

  • Gouraud-shaded subs and ships in a fantastic 3D environment with rolling waves, whitecaps, fog, clouds and weather effects.
  • Amazing special effects including explosions, burning ships and dramatic sinkings.
  • Evolving technology and tactics used by each side, such as new weapons, detection systems and counter measures.
  • An arsenal of six torpedo types, including pattern running and acoustic homing.

  • Contributed by Adam Baratz (1342) on Mar 29, 2001.