Aces Over Europe Credits (DOS)

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Aces Over Europe Credits


Director and DesignerDamon Slye
DesignerDamon Slye
Lead ProgrammingLincoln Hutton
Art DirectorMark Peasley
Simulation ProgrammerRyan Hinke
Lead Shell ProgrammerChristopher Reese
Simulation, AI ProgrammerPaul Bowman
AI ProgrammerPaul Bowman
Shell Graphics ProgrammerDariusz Lukaszuk
Lead Art Production, CockpitsJarrett Jester
Art ProductionTito Pagan
3D Graphic ArtistsDamon Mitchell, Vance Naegle
Texture MapsPeter Lewis
Director of the 3D DepartmentCyrus Kanga
Historical Research, Original Historical ConceptJohn Bruning Sr.
Design, Assistant DirectorChristopher Shen
Quality EngineersTucker Hatfield, Lloyd Madden
MusicTimothy Steven Clarke, Christopher Stevens
Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens
ResearchJosie Haley Reese
Mission ScriptingChris Hunt
PhotographyDale Tendick
Theatrical CoordinatorSher Alltucker
ActorsJohn Bruning Sr., Kurtis Engle, Jarrett Jester, Damon Mitchell, Tito Pagan, David Sandgathe
Quality Assurance ManagerForrest Walker
TestersRobert Harrington, Daniel Hinds, Chris Hunt, Daewha Kang, Sam Nicols, Duri Price
Manual EditorBarbara Ray
Manual DesignSue Roberts
Package Design and IllustrationsRoger Smith
Manual WriterJohn Bruning Sr., Gregg Keitzer, Christopher Shen
ProofreaderBetty Manning
Flight IllustrationsShawn Bird
Project Manager of Online ManualMark Peasley
Programming of Online ManualHugh Diedrichs, Miles Smith
Art Director of Online ManualShawn Sharp
Lead Production Artist of Online ManualTito Pagan
Quality Assurance of Online ManualTucker Hatfield, Corey Reese
Copy Editing of Online ManualKurt Weber
Proofreading of Online ManualGerald Azenaro, Lynne Ertie, Marianne Ryder
Publication ManagerKevin Lamb
EditorKurt Weber
Documentation DesignSue Roberts
LayoutCameron Mitchell
Special Thanks ToVince Alonso, Mike Barrs, Dee Dee Brenneman, Tim Cronan, Roy Erickson, Arlon Harris, Doug Johnson, James Johnson, Bob Lindstrom, Piotr Lukaszuk, David Menard, Gary C. Morgan, David Rothman
Historical ConsultantJohn Bruning Sr., John Bruning Sr.
Technical ConsultantDewey Ray
PlanesJack Erickson, Bill Lamon, Robert Leipold, Dick Milan, Ted Ryder, Herschel Whittington
Research and PropsGeorge Gomm, David Robinson
Photographs and ArtworkD. Brent Burkett, Bob Lawson, Pierluigi Pinto, Gabriella Piomboni

German Version

DirectionNorman Nelson
TranslationKai Brinkmann
PlaytestingBarbara Beyer, Kai Brinkmann

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (192301), Ray Soderlund (3609) and formercontrib (159771)