Across the Rhine (DOS)

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Print advertisement - PC Player 09/1995:
    Die Panzer und ihre tapferen Besatzungen, die in ganz Europa in der gewaltigsten Materialschlacht aller Zeiten kämpften - dies ist ihre Geschichte.


    Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihren Einsatz - vom einzelnen Panzer bis hin zum gesamten amerikanischen oder deutschen Bataillon.


    Die Panzergefechte vom D-Day bis zum Zusammenbruch des Dritten Reichs.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148409) on Apr 06, 2010.

Print advertisement - PC Player 11/94:
    Die Panzer und ihre tapferen Besatzungen, die in ganz Europa in der gewaltigsten Materialschlacht aller Zeiten fochten



    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148409) on Apr 01, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS (Germany):


    Der M4 Sherman, der M18 Hellcat, der Pzkfw Vla/b Tiger: Dies sind die Panzer, unter denen Europa erbebte - von der Landung der Allierten am 6. Juni bis zum Einmarsch in Berlin. In 1944 Across the Rhine erleben Sie die unerbittliche Härte der Gefechte dieser Zeit aus der Perspektive der Männer im Panzer.

    Sie haben die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Einsatzkräfte - vom einzelnen Panzeraung bis zum konpletten amerikanischen oder deutschen Bataillon. Werden Sie Teil einer jener legendären Einheiten wie der Zehnten Panzerdivision der US Army, und bewegen Sie sich mit ihnen durch authentische Gefechtsszenarien aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg.

    • Übernehmen Sie in den Gefechten und Großeinsätzen die Rolle des Panzerführers oder eines höheren Befehlshabers.
    • Kämpfen Sie in Panzergefechtssituationen aus unterschiedlichen Zeitabschnitten zwischen 1944 und 1945.
    • Steuern Sie die Panzer mit Hifle einer benutzerfreundlichen Point-and-Click-Interface mit einfachen Pull-Down-Menüs.
    • Setzen Sie realistische Panzertaktiken aus dem Erfahrungsschatz des Brigadegenerals A. F. Irzyk ein, des Kommandanten des Achten Panzerbatallions aus General Pattons berühmter Dritter Armee.

    1944 Across the Rhine.
    Hochexplosive Action im erbitterten Kampf um Europa.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148409) on Mar 11, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS (Portugal):


    The M4 Sherman, the M18 Hellcat, the Pzkfw Vla/b Tiger - these are the tanks that rocked Europe from the June 6th Invasion to the fall of Berlin. 1944 Across the Rhine lets you experience a tank commander's view of this period of gut-wrenching armoured combat battle action.

    You've got complete operational control; from a single tank platoon to an entire American or German battalion. Become part of a famous unit, such as the US 10th Armoured Division, and follow it through actual WWII combat scenarios.

    • Fight in battles and campaigns as a sergeant tank commander or at any higher levels of command
    • Jump into armoured combat scenarios from different time periods between 1944 and 1945
    • Control battles using an easy pull-down-menu, point and click interface
    • Use real tank tactics based on the expertise of Brigadier General A. F. Irzyk, Commander 8th Tank Battalion from Patton's 3rd Army

    1944 Across the Rhine.
    High explosive action in the heart of the battle for Europe.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148409) on Mar 11, 2010.

Back of Box - DOS (United States):

    1944-1945 ARMORED COMBAT

    The M4 Sherman and the M18 Hellcat. The Tigers of the Reich. These tanks rocked Europe from D-Day to the fall of Berlin. Inside one of these steel beasts, you'll feel the same gut-wrenching tension WW II tank commanders experienced.

    This is Real Heavy Metal!
    Command your combined armed forces as they fight over the expanses of a World War II battlefield. Or, jump into any tank for a first person, close range firefight where the action is fast and deadly.

    You're in Charge!
    Control a single platoon, a company or an entire battalion wit complete operational command. Become part of legendary units like the American 4th, 7th or 10th Armored Divisions - or the German 11th, 16th or Panzer Lehr Divisions. You choose.

    Hell on Wheels!
    Startling 3-D graphics and detailed in-tank controls bring these armored juggernauts to life. An advanced topographical system lets you experience every jarring shock as you smash across Western Europe's war-torn landscape. Follow your unit in historically accurate combat scenarios.

    Special Bonus CD!
    The Across the Rhine WINDOWS video is more than 40 minutes of archival film footage and maps that take you through the great armored battles following the D-Day invasion. Created by award winning documentary producer Lou Reda, the video adds an interactive, multimedia presentation that punctuates the game's historic authenticity.

    • Complete operational command of a tank platoon, a company or an entire battalion.
    • Choose which side you'll fight on and the tanks to fight in.
    • Pull-down menus and point-and-click functions make battle tactics easy.
    • Historically accurate WW)) tank combat scenarios.*

    Primary technical consultant, Albin F. Irzyk, Brigadier General USA (Ret.); Commanding Officer 8th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division during World War II, part of General George S. Patton's 3rd Army.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (148409) on Mar 11, 2010.

Advertisement in Electronic Entertainment, March 1994:
    In 1944, This Was The Only Heavy Metal Touring Europe.

    American M4 Shermans. Tigers of the Third Reich. These were the tanks that rocked Europe from D-Day to the fall of Berlin in World War II. The same armored juggernauts that you'll command in the explosive new game Across the Rhine from MicroProse.

    Jump into history's most famous tanks and experience the fierce combat and tough decisions that gripped World War II tank commanders. Take command of U.S. or German forces. Control single tanks or entire Companies. And blast your way through enemy units across the war-torn landscape of Europe.

    Across the Rhine from MicroProse. And you thought heavy metal started in the 70's.

    Contributed by Belboz (6486) on Apr 18, 2001.