Across the Rhine Credits


DesignChristopher Clark ( ), James M. Day, Tim Goodlett, Chris Hewish
ProgrammingDarrell Dennies, John Dugan, Andrew Farrier, Greg Kreafle, John Petersam, Scott D. Ramsay, Tom Whittaker
Art DirectorMichael R. Bates
GraphicsMichael R. Bates, Brian Martel
ArtwortMichael R. Bates, Brian Martel, Michael Reis, Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger
Additional GraphicsMichael Reis, Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger ( )
3D ModelsChristopher Clark ( ), Susan Clausen Paquin, James M. Day
MapsChristopher Clark ( ), Tim Goodlett, Chris Hewish
MPS Multi‑Wave‑DriverJim McConkey, Jack Miller
SoundMichael Bross, Ken Lagace, Jim McConkey, Jack Miller, Mark Reis, Roland J. Rizzo
ProductionJames M. Day
Marketing / PRMatt Fick, Carl Knoch
PRMatt Fick, Carl Knoch
Historical ResearchJames M. Day, Tim Goodlett
Additional MaterialLawrence T. Russell ( )
Research (Coordination)John Possidente
EditorChristine Manley
Manual Illustrations/PhotosJames M. Day, Tim Goodlett, Brian Martel, Dot 2 Design
Documentation (Layout)Joseph Morel, Cesar Novoa
Cover DesignMichael R. Bates
PackagingJohn Emory
Quality Assurance (Coordination)David Ginsburg, Klaus Starke
Quality Assurance (Leadership)Robert E. Abe, Jeff Dinger, Vaughn Thomas
Quality AssuranceMike Balogh, Chris Bowling, Darren Brown, Frank Brown, Charles Brubaker, Russell Clark, Kathy Crowe, Don Emmel, Damon Harris, Jim Hendry, Avi Kelley, James King, Darren Kirby, Rex Martin, Andy Mazurek, Jennifer MacLean, Steve Moseley, Mike Prendergast, Mike Richardson, Klaus Starke, Brian Vargo, Daniel Walker
Playtesting (Compability Tests)Don Emmel, Mike Prendergast, Brian Vargo
Technical AdvisorWilliam F. Atwater, Albin F. Irzyk (Brigade General US Army)
Additional AdvisorsBruce Culver, Bruce I. Gudmundsonn, Richard J. Lawson (LTC US Army), William R. Trotter

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (199903), NGC 5194 (17614) and formercontrib (159527)