Advanced Civilization Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The initial setup and gameplay options
Intro Cinematic.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Choosing where to build
Your scientific progress plays a major part in this game
The overall standings of all players - it's a race to finish first
The competing states.
From this view you move your units around.
Here's where you see how the civilizations are advancing.
Not much goods on hand.
Taking a ride on a ship.
The game in advanced stage of play - the map gets crowded pretty fast
Scoring screen - looks like I lost the leading position
Just as with the original board game, if you play with a small number of players, parts of the game map won't be available (here: darker portions)
Census screen (moving priority)
First you acquire goods from your cities... order to trade them later with your rivals. Try to squeeze in a calamity for extra fun!
Your offers meet on the marketplace.
With goods and treasury you can buy civilization advancements - the essence of this game (you won't win by sheer numbers)
Calamities are fun... provided they don't strike at YOU!