Adventure in Humongous Cave Credits (DOS)

Adventure in Humongous Cave DOS Title screen (AGT version)


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Adventure in Humongous Cave Credits

AGT version

Adapted for the Adventure Game Toolkit byDavid R. Malmberg
Based on "public domain" games byWill Crowther, Don Woods, David Platt, David R. Malmberg
AGT byDavid R. Malmberg
AGT based on a program byMark J. Welch

Inform version

Ported to Inform byAl Golden
Many thanks toDale Dobson (for beta testing and coding help), David R. Malmberg (for AGT & original game source code), Graham Nelson (author of Inform), samwyse, Michael Coyne (for help with the modified inventory output), Cedric Knight (for help with implementing a random activity routine), John Campbell (for help with an object loop problem), Robin Firth (for help on examining the X), J. Robinson Wheeler (for help on examining the X), Paolo Lucchesi (for modifying the Quit routine), L. Ross Raszewski (for AltMenu.h), Gunther Schmidl (for Dirs.h)

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