The Adventures of Captain Comic (DOS)

The Adventures of Captain Comic DOS Opening Titles


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Written by  :  IJan (1999)
Written on  :  Dec 04, 1999
Platform  :  DOS

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Horrible game? I don't think so

The Good

First of all, back in 1988 there weren't tens of platformers available for PC. Again in that year the PC market was still very immature, and there were a lot of CGA-only games. So, if you wanted to play a platform game featuring decent EGA graphics, Captain Comic was almost your only choice. It features plenty of levels all take place in different settings. And you don't even have to play the levels in order.

The Bad

Yes, the controls are sometimes clumsy. But once you are get used to it, everything goes smoothly (well almost).

The Bottom Line

An old platformer that is fun to play. But it's of course no match to Apogee and Epic's action games. It may still appeal to younger kids though.