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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (United Kingdom):

    Full ‘Talkie” Adventure game with Photo Realistic Settings and Digitised Video Animations

    Welcome to The Adventures of Down Under Dan - an interactive point-and-click graphic adventure game with full “talkie” sound, including music, and speech - thousands of recorded speech, in fact. Spread over four gruelling virtual days, you must battle extreme conditions and solve complex puzzles in the quest to strike it rich and ensure your future as a bush pilot. The game uses video digitised animation over photographic backgrounds for convincingly realistic settings. You'll be amazed at the predicaments that you manage to get yourself into - and hopefully, out of!

    Dan is a bush pilot with an urgent need for cash - about all he owns of his plane is the air in the tyres! Just before the Bank decide to repossess his plane, a friend tells him of rumoured fortunes being made.

    So let's buckle in and head into the harsh, remote and baffling Outback in search of the huge opals - they're apparently just picking them off the ground. Blue beauties! How hard can that be?

    This is a point-and-click graphic adventure with music, sound effects, and full speech - even the tongue is firmly in cheek! Explore an amazing range of locations in an adventure spread over four virtual days which will see you interacting with objects, people and animals in search of your fortune. Actually, simple survival in this stunning but dangerous world will require some considerable care and effort! As you trek through an Outback positively bristling with nasty surprises, your trusty backpack holds objects of possible use, plus a range of hints - the longer you play, the more hints you are able to view.

    With a mouse click you can quickly choose separate tools for look, talk, handle and walk, plus a "free-form" mode useful for exploring new locations. Action is presented in digitised video animation over photographic backgrounds for a realistic view and atmosphere.

    Get out there, Dan. Go for broke, mate.

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    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on May 09, 2010.