Written by  :  Digital Arse (14)
Written on  :  Nov 23, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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One of the first adventure games to use the "hand-drawn cartoon" look for it's characters.

The Good

Willy Beamishes most impressive feat at the time of it's release was it's hand-drawn, cartoon-styled characters. Gone were Sierra's traditional blurry rotoscoped characters, in their place were characters that looked like they were created by Disney(okay, maybe not Disney, but Don Bluth or Ralph Bakshi).

Combined with a great story and inventive sequences, Will Beamish is fondly remembered as one of the most innovative of Sierra/Dynamix's adventure games.

The Bad

The game was certainly difficult the first time through, with some of the end-game puzzles maddeningly hard(partly due to bugs). But the game was fairly linear, so if you had beat the game once, you could breeze through it a second time in only an hour or two.

The Bottom Line

A worthy edition to any avid adventure gamers collection. Get the CD release for a full-talkie version of the game.