Air Power: Battle in the Skies Credits


DesignRod Hyde, Mark Shaw
ProgrammingPaul Dunscombe, Rod Hyde, Gem Taylor, David Whiteside
ArtworkAndrew McCann, Andrew Manns, Mark Shaw, Richard Cook
Music / Sound ProgrammingPaul Robotham
3D ModellingAndrew McCann
MarketingSaul Leese
PRSaul Leese
ManualRichard Hewison
ProducerSteve Whittle
VoiceoversDelia Corrie, Mel Dean, Frederic Guepan, Randal Herley, Norbert Hermann, Ralf Jeuter, Pete Johnson, Redvers Kyle, Michele O'Donnell, Didier Paris, Jean Pierre Mailhac, Alex Samely, Ursula Samely, Matthis Schulze, Alan Sykes, Florence Vasseur, Alex Wetham
ActorsRichard Cook, John Corcoran, Amanda Fair, Stuart Gardiner, David Grundy, Iain Kilty, Andrew Manns, Mark Manns, Andrew McCann, Graham McCann, Stuart O'Rourke, David Rees-Jones, Gem Taylor, Stephen Tickle, Steve Whittle
Sound EngineersOne Stop Digital
CompressionLZEXE: Bellard ‑ France, LHARC: Yoshizaki ‑ Japan
Q.A.Darren Chapman, Andrew Curry, Matthew Dean, Neil Dutton, David Grundy, Buck Irving, Brian Pinckert, Scott Van Schoick, Adrian Wood-Jones

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