Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse Credits


DesignHerb Perez
ProducerBret Berry, Lester Humphreys
Assistant ProducerNicholas Beliaeff, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., George MacDonald
Associate ProducerWilliam G. Dunn
Lead ProgrammingKen Grey
Additional ProgrammingKen Eklund, Daniel Greenberg, Lester Humphreys, Joseph Minton, Steven Wolf
Art DesignGarrett MacArthy, Herb Perez
Writing / Dialogue / StoryKen Eklund, Daniel Greenberg, Joseph Minton, Herb Perez
Rulebook AuthorJoseph Minton
Rulebook EditorsJoshua M. Cloud, Eileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
MusicEric Heberling, Nada Lewis, Rob Wallace
FM Voice DesignGeorge Alistair Sanger
Lead PlaytesterJim DuBois
Lead Product TesterJoshua M. Cloud
Product TestersJohn Cloud, Cyrus G. Harris, Michael Higgins, Steven Okano, Jeff M. Peña
Test SupportAnnette Grove, Rose Ramos
Special Thanks ToTom Wahl, James M. Ward
Cover artwork byJeff Easley (uncredited)
Musical DirectorRalph Thomas
Test SupervisorGlen A. Cureton
Compatibility TestingTop Star Computing Services Inc.
Graphic Design and DTPDavid Boudreau (Louis Saekow Design), Leedara Zola (Louis Saekow Design)

Cluebook credits

Clue Book AuthorJoseph Minton
Clue Book EditorsAndré Vrignaud, Joshua M. Cloud, Al Brown
Technical VerificationBenjamin Cooley
Documentation ManagerEileen Matsumi
PrintingConsolidated Printers

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59714), Accatone (5366) and formercontrib (159537)