Alien Trilogy Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Loading screen with infos
Title screen
Dark corridors
Nice shot!!
You bastard!!!!
The first mission briefing
As is now oh-so-cliche, you start with a pistol and soon upgrade to a shotgun.
This alien, however, is unimpressed with your fancy new scattergun.
Okay, I admit it; as I was walking through the complex, I just felt like I needed a hug. This, however, was NOT what I had in mind.
Eliminating an alien with the pulse rifle.
An enemy cyborg.
Welcoming committees shouldn't literally leap at you.
More fun with aliens and automatic weapons
The cryogenic sleep capsule room
The labs and offices
The automap
Alien Trilogy is innovative in that it is a first-person shooter with a viewable inventory system.
Unlike the later Aliens versus Predator, Alien Trilogy pits you against human and human-like enemies.
The Warrior Aliens are tougher.
Later mission briefing
Ah, the flamethrower! Wonderful for keeping those little buggers away.
Alien eggs... we're close to the Queen now...
The alien Queen doesn't take well to interruptions of her daily routine.
Facehuggers surprise!
Shotgun and shells. Groovy...
Human type enemy
Bloody massacre. YEAH!
Aliens and dark. Where is infra-vision?