Walkthrough Part 2 of 3Contributed by Xantheous (1300) on Sep 03, 2000.

ALONE IN THE DARK Walkthrough Part 2 of 3 Author: Unknown


14. (Front Lobby) 1. DROP the GRAMOPHONE here until it is needed later. 2. Turn left and enter the right door of two in the corner next to the stairs. The left one will be locked.

15. (Enclosed Porch) 1. SEARCH the back side of the statue to get three ARROWS. 2. Leave the room quickly to avoid the falling spiders. They will not leave the room. 3. Walk to the door on the other side of the stairs next to a narrow hallway.

16. (Kitchen) 1. Enter the smaller dark brown door nearest the door just entered. 2. Get the KEY TO THE CELLAR hanging on the wall. 3. SEARCH the shelf to get the BOX OF BISCUITS. 4. EAT the BISCUITS to gain more health points. 5. DROP or THROW uneeded items: EMPTY BOX, FIRST AID KIT, EMPTY FLASK. 6. SEARCH the large cabinet near the table to get the KNIFE. 7. Enter a second smaller dark brown door next to a normal sized door. 8. After entering the small closet, quickly back out and USE the KNIFE to kill the zombie that enters as soon as you enter the closet. 9. Re-enter the closet and SEARCH the pile of coal in the corner to get a BOX OF SHOES. 10. OPEN the BOX and get the REVOLVER. 11. Get the OIL CAN in the other corner. 12. USE the OIL CAN to refill the LAMP. 13. USE the JUG next to the barrel of water to fill the JUG. 14. DROP or THROW uneeded items: EMPTY OIL CAN, EMPTY BOX, KNIFE. 15. Exit closet into kitchen and get the POT OF SOUP from the fireplace. 16. Exit the kitchen through the normal door next to the closet. 17. Open the door across the small hall.

17. (Dining Room) 1. Walk to the right side of the table and PUT the POT OF SOUP on the table. 2. Avoid the walking zombie and wait until it sits down. 3. Exit the room through the door next to the large cabinet.

18. (Smoking Room) 1. RUN to the other side of the table and stand next to the chair. 2. Get the LIGHTER from the table. 3. USE the WATER JUG to douse the smoking ashtray on the table. 4. You will take some damage from the smoke. 5. Open the double doors that are not locked and go in to the hall. 6. Walk back to the white stairs in the front lobby and climb them. 7. Go back to the hallway that led to the dark room where you got the STATUETTE. 8. Continue down the hall to the end and open the door.

19. (Hallway with paintings) 1. Walk up to the first painting (a man with an axe) and PUT the OLD INDIAN COVER on it. 2. Walk halfway down the middle of the hall and USE the BOW to fire an arrow at the painting at the far end. Once the arrow has hit the painting, purple smoke will appear. 3. Enter the door at the far end of the hall.

20. (Jeremy's Bedroom) 1. Get the FALSE BOOK from the table. 2. PUSH the grandfather clock aside and SEARCH the hole behind it to get the KEY to Jeremy's Study. 3. Exit room and enter the double doors located halfway down the hall.

21. (Library) 1. USE the OIL LAMP. 2. PUT the LAMP down in the middle of the floor. 3. Quickly RUN down the corridor at the upper left of the screen. 4. Follow it around to the right until you see an indentation in the wall of books. 5. Go a little ways past this and SEARCH the books next to the indentation to find a mechanism. 6. USE the FALSE BOOK to open the secret room behind the indentation and enter it quickly. A monster will be chasing you and can only be killed by a certain dagger that is found inside the secret room.

22. (Secret Room) 1. Get the TALISMAN from the shelf. 2. SEARCH the bookshelves to get the DAGGER with the curved blade. 3. USE the DAGGER to kill the monster in the library. 4. Get the OIL LAMP from the floor and open the closed double doors. You are now in the lower lobby. 5. Go through the dark opening, down the stairs, and get the GRAMOPHONE. 6. USE the silver KEY to open the locked door next to the door to the enclosed porch. 7. Continue down the big hall and re-enter the smoking room #18. 8. USE the KEY to open the locked double doors.

23. (Jeremy's Study) 1. PUT the OLD CAVALRY SABER in the coat of arms on the wall. If the saber was broken, put both halves in the coat of arms. 2. SEARCH the bookcase in the corner to get the RECORD. 3. Exit the room and go back through the smoking room, into the hall. Not the ones at the end of the hall.

Continued in Part 3...

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