Written by  :  Chris Martin (1204)
Written on  :  Aug 26, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars
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Life.. all on a 5 1/4 floppy...

The Good

First of all, I'm BACK! A bit of a hiatus from the net, so I'm here again... It's good to be home :)

Now onto the review...

I stumbled across Alter Ego a few months ago, and was intrigued. A life simulaton? C'mon. That's ridiculous. Actually, It's quite good.

First of all forget about fancy-schamcy graphics and sound. No motor skills needed other that to type you name and some letters and numbers, no LPB's stalking you at every turn. This isn't even a game. It's a psycholgical experiment.

The graphics are CGA.(so there is NO excuse for you not trying it if you find it :) and the sound is the PC speaker. That's it. But it does it's job.

You start off at birth, and even then you have the choice of giving your mom an easy labor or fighting it and putting your virtual mom through hell. But I digress. As you go through the game, you make choices... be it figuring out what your hand is to who you marry, and what type of job you choose. Each choice will affect you in different ways, such as you life expectancy, your intellegence, etc.

As you work your way through the stages of life, you get a idea of how it works. You can play as yourself, making the game a mirror image of you own life, or you and play a completely opposite person and do all the things you don't have the guts to do in real life.

So as you live out your life stages, you make decisions. But BE AWARE, you have the option to answer questions about your personal sexuality, so if you're uncomfortable with question of that nature, you can opt NOT to have the questions asked to you. Although in my opinion, It makes the game more "real"

The Bad

This game has no downside besides the graphics and sound. But then again, They suit the purpose. Although I think a WIndows version of this game would do very well.

The Bottom Line

Its a great game. Similar to a Purity Test, but not just on sex, it can be a fun game. Just don't take it too seriously. :)