Written by  :  Daniel Martin (17)
Written on  :  Aug 21, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A true Classic!

The Good

Thalions Game was delivered with a manual, which contained a nice written story, explaining the Background Story of the game. The whole game has a lot of atmosphere and your Character (and hopefully later on your party - you will find lots of potential Party members) will have to travel a huge amount of miles and solve hundreds of Puzzles to finish the game: Amberstar is Huge! And it had one of the best Tactical-Combat-Systems of its time (even though the one in SSIs-RPGs was a little better).

The Bad

Graphics and Sound are of course long time out of date: This title was released in 1990! Also the Icon based Interface is not the most comfortable one.

The Bottom Line

If you dont bother about the completely out of time Graphics and Sound, you will also be caught by the atmosphere of one of the greatest RPGS of the 90!