Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021 Credits


ByGeorge Moromisato
Report bugs toAdam Luker
TestersBetsy Aoki, Damien Chin-On, Nelson de la Cruz, Janine Goldman, Jerry Hill, Michael Johnson, Eric Kline, Bruce Levine, David Margil, Ed Masterson, Terry McKelvey, John Richards, Jed Roach, the gang at the Vegetable Patch
Scenario DesignLee Davies, Adam Luker, James Moore, Mark K Styles, Chevar, Ed Masterson, Brent Fairbanks, John Sepenoski
Lead TestersBob Arco, Scott Best
For ideas, support, and the use of the Vegetable Patch facility at Cornell UniversityBrent Fairbanks, John Sepenoski
Helping me mold and code an alpha copyStephen Bogusz, Ray Bogusz
Industrial balancing equations of a world's economic mechanismStephen Bogusz
User InterfaceShawn Broderick
Manual Design and IllustrationMichael Johnson, David Margil
Manual EditorJanet Ruggieri
For their constant support and confidencemy parents

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