Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy Credits


CastJoshua Alvarenga (as Art Gallery Visitor Number 4), Armilyn Ancheta (as Nurse at Hospital), Eric Anderson (as Bartender -Jackson's Bar), Phil de Barros (as City Official Number 1), Deem Bristow (as Dr. Silvanus / Reverend Gold), Randy Brown (as Stupid Man -Biker / Rapist), Ej Cage (as Prison Guard Number 1), Tracee Cocco (as TV Reporter), Lori Culwell (as Deidre / Shuttle Stewardess), Jena Dabbs (as Jimmy's Girl), Shaun Franks (as Little Boy), Andrea Fry (as Lorraine Ruger), T. Kay Garcia (as Death Tribe Warrior Number 1), Liliana Gomez (as Computer Voice), George Gumbrecht (as City Official Number 3), Glenn Hoeffner (as Ely the Bum / Dan Floss), Kelly Hughes (as Selina), Craig Incardone (as Death Tribe Chief), Ray Jarris (as Hirsch), Youry Lee (as Death Tribe Warrior Number 2), David Lo (as Prison Guard Number 2), Robert May (as City Official Number 2), Mindy Mayer (as Personal Digital Assistant), Karan Nguyen (as Art Gallery Visitor Number 2), Scott Nguyen (as Art Gallery Visitor Number 1), Ken Perkins (as Angel Devoid / Jake Hard), Joseph Pilato (as Doctor Garnett / Mayor Waterford), Charles Rossman (as Cabby), Francisco A. Salgado (as Death Tribe Warrior Number 3), Mariah Shirley (as Jet Jackson / Death Tribe Woman), Andrew Vuong (as Art Gallery Visitor Number 3), Michelle Warmer (as Nurse -Waking Scene), G. Charles Wright (as Elito DeFrieze), Patrick Young (as The Calendar Girl / Mad Doctor)
Executive ProducerHarvey Lee
Game DesignerAnthony Gomez
Lead Pc ProgrammerCisco Serret
Lead Mac ProgrammerMark F. Murphy
Movie ProductionMark Alamares (Producer / Story Concept / Co-Director -Live Action), T. Kay Garcia (Costumes and Props), Anthony Gomez (Story Concept), George Gumbrecht (Gaffer), Craig Incardone (Director of Photography), Jay Ong (Production Manager), Charles Payne (Screenplay), Francisco A. Salgado (Costumes and Props), Michelle Warmer (Costume Designer), Paul Wu (Executive Producer / Director -Live Action)
Lead 3D GraphicsDavid Lo
3D GraphicsChristopher A. Adams
Special EffectsDavid Lo
2D GraphicsAnthony Gomez, Peter Stern
Original Music and Sound EffectsBruce Graham, Mark Olson, Brian Scott
Additional MusicMac Avancena, Bill Benson
Post‑ProductionT‑Spect Le, Noel Saw (Technical Advisor), Peter Stern (Lead Production Engineer), Patrick Young (Digital Post-Production)
ProducerMilton W. Bland
Quality Assurance Lead, PCAlfonso Guevara
Quality Assurance Lead, MacMike Terry
Quality Assurance TestersMatt Gallagher, Gordon Mackenzie, Hugh Manson, Matt Scoles, Robert Vance
Manual WriterDan Mack
Very Special Thanks ToManny Granillo
Audio Interface Library - Licensed fromMiles Design
True Motion Video Compression System - Licensed fromDuck Corporation
Universal VESA Bios - Licensed fromSciTech Software
Metawindow Graphics Toolkit - Copyright 1988-1993Metagraphics Software Corp.
Special Thanks ToDyanne Boury, Michael Broome, Kim Carino, Lisa Carr, Jeff Costello, Steven Donatelli, William Emery, Jim Fisher, Susan Graves, Matt Hamilton, Hiromi Ishikawa, Scott Jackson, Justin Kubiak, Scot Lane, David Lawrence, Michael Lustenberger, Henrik Markarian, John Miles, Daniel Miller, Masahiko Noguchi, David Silver, Julie Lippold Stier, Ruth A. Weston, Workspace‑Smart, Office Solutions 20

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