Ante-Up at The Friday Night Poker Club Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - 3,5'' release - DOS (United States):
    The Friday Night Poker Club is a sophisticated establishment with well-to-do highrollers as members. Test your poker skills against Abdul, the son of a wealthy oil sheik to whom money means nothing or Mary, a real estate agent who can read people like a book. It’s up to you to size up the competition and earn the title of Club Champion. New poker players can attend the CAPT’s poker class or call on the CAPT (Computer Aided Poker Teacher) for advice when playing in the practice mode. A few hours at the club will pay big dividends when you play against real people. This is the ultimate in computer poker entertainment - just look at these features:
    • Uses Artificial Intelligence to simulate a high stakes poker game.
    • Players check, bet, raise, bluff, call, and fold just like real people.
    • Randomly play against four of eight club members with different skill and playing styles.
    • Play five or seven card stud, five card draw, Texas Hold’em or dealer choice.
    • Select $5.00, $10.00, or Pot Limit table. The higher the limit, the better the players.
    • Vary the playing speed.
    • Start a new game any time or finish one you saved.
    • Select tutorial, practice, or normal game mode.
    • Keep track of life time statistics.
    • Contains a standard version for monochrome or CGA and a remarkably realistic graphics version for EG/VGA systems.
    • Installation program automatically detects your hardware and installs correctly.
    • Optional mouse support for the standard version.
    • Graphics version supports the Covox SpeechThing or the HearSay 1000 to produce synthesized speech from the club members.
    • 5.25 disks enclosed unless otherwise noted. 3.5 disks are available.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (166042) on Jun 14, 2011.