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Anvil of Dawn (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Anvil of Dawn Credits


Executive ProducerJames H. Namestka, Jon Van Caneghem
Associate Producer, Voice Direction, Rule Book Writer, Interaction & Game TextScot Noel
Lead ProgrammerThomas J. Holmes
ProgrammingChad Freeman, Vernon H. Harmon II
DesignThomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
Art DirectorJane Yeager
Lead ArtistsFrank Schurter
ArtistsBrian Busatti, Aaron Kreader, David P. Kubalak, Craig Mrusek, Gene Kohler Jr., Michael Nicholson, Tracy B. Smith, David Wells
3D CoordinatorEric Ranier Rice
3D ArtistsDoug Ceccarelli, Gregory A. Cunningham, Kimberly A. Haines, Jason Johnson, Paul J. Yeso Jr.
Additional 3D ModelsAmy Finkbeiner, Jeff Zehner
Additional 3D SupportRandy Krakowski
MusicJamie McMenamy
Sound EffectsJamie McMenamy, Anthony Mollick
Voice ProductionAnthony Mollick
Voice Talent - Male Player CharactersDavid J. Fielding
Voice Talent - Female Player CharactersAmy J. Hartman
Voice Talent - Encountered VoicesKevin Delany, David J. Fielding, Nancy Janda, Stuart Johnson, Jennifer Marburger, Scott Passaro, Gina Preciado, Ted Russell, Scott Thewes, John Thiem, Dereck R. Walton
Rule Book IllustrationsGene Kohler Jr., Aaron Kreader, Craig Mrusek, Michael Nicholson, Eric Ranier Rice, Frank Schurter
Producer, Rule BookDeane Rettig
Installation ProgrammingGeorge Ruof
Quality Assurance ManagerPeter Ryu
Quality Assurance TeamDavid Botan, Bryan Farina, Walter Johnson, Jack Nalan, Pavel Vesely
PackagingScott McDaniel, AKA Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (122912), thf (156108) and Frumple (934)