Written by  :  Cyric (50)
Written on  :  Aug 05, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A game that can probably captivate you for several days.

The Good

Quite a bit, actually.

1. The music makes a great atmosphere.

2. Graphics are probably better for the age of the game. Screen scrolls smoothly.

3. No real money - there's no stock-piling or buying/trading equipment. Everything is found in the game, and there's only one guy I recall actually taking some gold coins that you find (there are altars throughout the game that require coins to get into, but it's just one coin per visit).

4. The developers gave five different characters to start with (you can edit any of them to really tweak the character you want). If you play the entire game, you'll find all four of the "other" characters in the game. Very nice touch.

5. Gameplay was fairly easy. No impossible combos to carry out, although on my 21" screen, scrolling across to grab the on-screen spell shortcuts - let alone scrolling down to other spells - could be difficult.

6. Incorporation of stamina (no, the mage can't swing that greatsword forever - he'll induce penalties on himself).

7. Ability to *throw* weapons. This was fun. I found myself swinging the greatsword at something, then whizzing it at them when I got tired, jump to inventory screen (paused - another bonus), and put on a lighter sword and shield combo.

The Bad

A tad long occasionally. Some very limited "find key open door" times. Required to carry items from beginning of game to end (taking up precious weight if you're a mage or weakling). Some odd bugs in the game. If you run into a boulder, you get hurt, but you can actually screw up the boulder and have it kind of stand still. It really sucks when that boulder is supposed to be rolling around and *over* some trip plates, which opens doors. Now it can't.

The Bottom Line

Highly underrated. It's simple enough to enjoy, puzzles are frequent enough to challenge, but not so often they're boring or annoying. I haven't met anyone who *didn't* like this game.