Apocalypse Cow Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game displays this screen at startup. When the player presses a key the game commences a load process during which the work 'LOADING' is conveniently displayed.
This developers' mascots are displayed after the game loads
The Apocalypse Cow. This view is replaced with a pleasant green cow and a much more pleasant sky. The pleasant view is used as a backdrop to the menu
Game menu. Here the arena can be chosen
Options menu. Here the cows can be upgraded before the game starts
Help screen 1 - There are 4 help screens explaining the game and its controls
Help screen 2 - Cow Boxing.One of those things that if not seen would not be believed
The City or Metropolis Arena. Catapults are ready. The power meter on the right applies to both players
A couple of brown cows fell short and there's a grey cow in flight. Cows do break into pieces on impact with the ground.
Mr. Moon made an appearance but did not eat any cows. The player on the right has just been destroyed by a direct hit
This grey cow was fired with too much force. It rebounded from the edge of the play area.
Mr. Sun makes an appearance
Mr. Sun has destroyed the left catapult
The Volcano Arena. The player on the right had to move forward so that cows could pass the stone column just in front of their red target
The Chasm Arena. Cacti randomly spring up in this area
The Junkyard Arena. Rabid dogs appear and home in on the catapults
Cowboxing: At the end of one session the losing cow calmly smokes a cigarette while the udder one pulls out a concealed Gatling gun
Cowboxing: Newtons 3rd law of motion in action. Every punch thrown causes the cow to move backwards. Move too far back and the cow falls off. After this the winning cow's head exploded.
Cowboxing: a successful strike is indicated by blood or some other strange and inappropriate symbol