Ascendancy Credits (DOS)

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Ascendancy Credits


Created byThomas Blom, Jason Decker, Arthur DiBianca, John Paul, Jason Templeman, Nenad Vugrinec
Made possible through the efforts ofJay Templeman, Tamsen Templeman, Todd Templeman
Additional support and content provided byRichard Mather, Michael White
Packaging and Manual Art Direction and Design byAmy Jo Bullis, Duane Meltzer
Packaging IllustrationMike Bryan
Manual Digital EnhancementMark Goss
AIL and VFX libraries byJohn Miles
Special Thanks to the Brøderbund TeamEllen Jacobson, David Kessler, Karen Omholt, Steve Schreck

Packaging and Manual (UK)

Design & Artwork CoordinatorMatthew Walker
DesignBill Smith Studio - London
PhotographyMiles Cort
AIL and VFX libraries byMiles Design Inc.

Packaging and Manual (GER)

Package Design Art DirectionOliver Dannat
Manual Design Art DirectionOliver Dannat
Assistant DesignHeiko Höpfner, Andreas Otte
Special Thanks goes to the whole Softgold team especially toKristin Dodt, Jörg Gräfingholt, Annette Khartabil, Norbert Wellmeyer

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