Ascendancy Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The Logic Factory company logo
Main Menu
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Intro sequence
Choose a race
Race display
Main screen
Science display
Planet display
Some planet have remnants of destroyed civilizations, on which you can build Archeological Digs ...
... and analyze them to research new technologies, without completing the pre-requisites
The star map, showing star system, links between them, "owner" of each system. The map is rotate-able and can be zoomed in or out.
Overview of the player's colonies and what is going on on each colony
Overview of a solar system
The research tree. Completing technologies unlock new technologies, buildings and ship components
The Chamachies special abilities: instantly complete any research. Arguably the best special ability.
Overview of the encountered races. From this screen it is possible to contact them.
... others are hostile
... some of the races are somewhat peaceful
Comparison of the player's race with the other races in terms of number of ships and colonies, research progress, alliance.
Overview of the player's ships
Detailed view of a planet. This one has highly developed research / industry capabilities.
Another overview of the player's planet
Star system, with the player's ship
The map can be rotated and zoomed in
Selecting a structure to build on the planet surface
Selecting a structure to build on the planet orbit. Completing researches allows building shipyards, ships, defensive structures...
... or offensive ones. Despite the silly name, the "Long Range Orbital Whopper" is the best defensive weapon available to a planet.
Building a ship. The 'Small' ship hull can only hold a handful of components.
Here it has a 'Quark Express' generator, a 'Graviton Projector' engine, one Plasmatron gun, and two Colonizer, to ... well, colonize an uninhabited planet.
To colonize an owned planet, you need invasion modules. This medium-sized ship has four, along with more weapons.
This large-sized ship has more generators, engines, weapon, and a star lane drive to travel between star systems.s
To attack a planet, first select a weapon and then the target
Ship firing
Direct hit!
Load game screen
Buildings can be abandoned to free up the building slot and population to build something else, or Automated to free up population.
These guys aren't happy after I invaded one of their planets.