Azrael's Tear Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

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Title Screen
a view of the temple
Entering an abandoned cathedral
a page from my book
Eavesdropping an important conversation
Meeting one of the ill-fated templar knights
The docks
and now the same shot while in the low-res "performance" mode....ugh
Azrael's Tear will blow you away!!
This room holds the key to the Grail... if you pass this planetary puzzle
The sauna can provide steam for various uses...
To the mines!
Your helmet always scans ahead giving you a general idea of what to expect in every room.
Hmmm... this guy looks like trouble
A priest wrestles with modern technology
Your suit tries to revive you whenever you suffer damage... but this time it may be too late.
The auto-map screen
Viewing a close up of an item
oy... Axe coming our way!!
How in hell can the sunlight get in here??
Better be careful when you explore or you'll end up like this fellow raptor