Balance of Power Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game runs on top of a Windows 1.01 'Run Time' version
Title screen (CGA)
Game start: spheres of influence (CGA)
Game start: insurgency levels (CGA)
Sending military aid (CGA)
Lookin' swanky in green, Bill! (Hercules)
Title screen (Hercules)
Title screen, this time with assorted Cold War imagery (Hercules)
A country's history view (Hercules)
Diplomatic relationship map (Hercules)
Game start: revolutions around the world (mono EGA)
The more things change.... (mono EGA)
This morning's news (mono EGA)
Game options (EGA low-res)
Closeup view of a country (EGA low-res)
Select data to populate the map view (EGA low-res)
Title screen (EGA high-res)
Iconic political images gradually pile up (EGA high-res)
Game options (EGA high-res)
US military aid map (EGA high-res)
Worldwide insurgency levels (EGA high-res)
A country's Prestige Value reflects its international standing (EGA high-res)
Browsing through the log of recent USSR actions (EGA high-res)
Pick your poison (EGA high-res)
We're gonna party like it's 1986 (EGA high-res)
Go ahead, make my day. (EGA high-res)
....Endgame (EGA high-res)