Battle Bugs Credits (DOS)

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Battle Bugs Credits

Game Credits

Original ConceptCraig Nelson
DesignDennis Caswell, Craig Nelson, Stephen B. Lewis, Mark Holmes
ProgrammingDennis Caswell
Graphics and AnimationStephen B. Lewis, Mark Holmes
MusicByte‑Size Sound
Sound EffectsHalestorm
Voice CharacterizationsDennis Caswell
Internal Speaker Digitized Sound DriverCraig Nelson
Other Sound and Music DriversTHE Audio Solution
Design ConsultantBill Darrah
Special Thanks ToBill Lanphear, Matthew Crysdale, Thomas MacDevitt, Tom Schumacher

Manual Credits

WritingBill Lanphear, Dennis Caswell, Kurt Weber
EditingKurt Weber
Design and LayoutCameron Mitchell
Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
German Manual AdministratorNorman Nelson
German Manual TranslationKai Brinkmann

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