Battle Command Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Start screen
Select a mission
arm your "Mauler" tank
The Helicarrier in a night mission
Mission briefing
Night mission
The Helicarrier on the way to the drop zone
Damage screen
Mission debriefing
Select Language
Manual Protection Check
Title Screen 2 (VGA 256 color)
Title screen (CGA)
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
Title screen (Hercules)
Load Game
Save Game
Briefing MAP (VGA 256 color)
Briefing MAP (EGA/Tandy)
Equipment (EGA/Tandy)
Equipment (VGA 256 color)
Mission Selection & Status (VGA 256 color)
Mission Selection & Status (EGA/Tandy)
Select a mission (EGA/Tandy)
Mission briefing (EGA/Tandy)
Select Video Mode
The Helicarrier in a daily mission (Tandy)
Tank landing (VGA 256 color)
Tank landing (EGA)
Tank landing with parachute (Tandy)
Start Mission (VGA 256 color)
Start Mission (EGA)
Start Mission (Tandy)
Mauler Damaged (VGA 256 color)
Caution!! (VGA 256 color)
Track Damaged (EGA)
Watch out tree! (Tandy)
Mission Status (EGA/Tandy)
Map (EGA/Tandy)
Select a mission (CGA)