Walkthrough - "Chapter Six"Contributed by MAT (182705) on Apr 04, 2001.

Chapter Six:

Now, the dreams of distortion will reveal you the path, and while having the nightmares, Gracie will come and get you to Rittersberg. Sorry, but you'll have too be in a dungeon for a while. Talk to Gabriel (1) twice. Go enter the gasthof and take a dinner roll (1). Talk to the lady (2) and go to Gabriel's room in schloss Ritter. On your way out, Gerde will show a bit worriness for Gabriel. Take the pillowcase (1). Take Gabe's car and go to Altoetting church. Read about penitent offerings at the showcase (1). Enter the priest's office and buy Mary's water (2). Go into St. George's church and look at the silver heart (1). Go talk to Gerde about that (1) and she'll let you have it. Take the silver heart (1). Go at the post office, and you'll see there's a letter arrived for Gabriel (1). Read the letter from Friederich (2). Go to the inn and talk to Smiths lady about von Glower's letter (1). Go to the dungeon where Gabriel lies. Use bread on the pigeon (2). Take the bird and wrap it in the pillowcase (5).

Go to Neuschwanstein castle. Now, if you remember Gabriel's dream, you'll know where the scrolls to the lost Wagner's opera are hidden. Go two rooms up and use water on the chair (you must firt see the child with a mother which will jump on the chair and distract the guards to be able to spill water). Talk to the guard (5), and while they're cleaning, open the secret compartment, and take the first scroll (5). Find the room with blue wall and only one candle lit in the middle and take the other scroll (5). If there's a guard in this room, wait 'til he's gone. Now go to the great hall and release the pigeon there (5). Take the last piece of scroll (5) while the guard is chasing the bird. Go to Altoetting church again. It appearse service is over now. Go talk to father, and he'll enter you to the place for praying. Show him the heart (3) you have for the madonna. Put the silver heart into the basket (3) and make a prayer.

Now, this will be the quicky trick. Open the door (3). When the candles go out, with the use of chair (2), get the urn with the final piece of puzzle, or in this case, scroll (5). Now thankfully, you gives the scrolls to the lost opera to Georg. It's time for some music, dontcha think?

... two months later ...

Opera was prepared, Gabriel is the most ill, and we need to do the final preparation, so shall we? First check all of the rooms so you'll know to which one I'm refering. Go where Gabriel is and talk to him (1). From the desk, take the opera glasses (1) and Grace's 'to do' list (1). Take the seating chart from the panou (1) and examine it (1). Warn the Georg of possible distractions (1) and tell him that he mustn't stop playing no matter what (as if he would). Talk to the man that's working on the lights (1) and try to hurry him up. Behind the curtain take the rope (1). Enter the basement and find a room down there. It seems like a great place to keep Gabriel in. Take the 'private' sign from inside (1). Find a key for that room in a locker at the basement (1). Try it on a door (3). While down, find a furnace room (down right), open the furnace door (1) and put some coal in it (1). Turn the furnace on (4). In the foyer take the opera programme (1). Go up and enter the main lodge (3). This seems to be a good place where to put von Glower. Look X mark at the chandelier diagram you have (1). Go up the balcony and enter the room where the spotlight can be controlled. Turn it on, and set it to X mark on the seating chart (5). It might seem difficult, but it is not. You just need to get a feel where to touch for turning on/off and where for moving. Give the seating chart to Paul the usher (3). Go get Gabriel and lock him down in the basement (1). Now there'll be some fighting and showing agressive side, but eventually, Gabe'll calm down... or not.

Overture time... go dress youreself (1). Kommissar Leber will come, and you'll inform him about possible 'chaos', but otherwise, he has nothing to worry about. Go where the spotlight is, and check if von Glower is in ther middle lodge (2). Use the rope (2) and sign (4) on his door from the outside.

Now, it's act two out of three active, and you're playing Gabe again. Move the big crate from the wall (1). Use your knife (2) and enter the ventilation (1). Now go up behind the stage. Take a roll of tape (1) and enter the dressing room. Get dressed (6) and take the powder (1). Oops, you won't have much time, so powder the left mirror instead (5), and hide behind the curtain. When the man comes, use roll of tape on him (5). Now the final act of opera begins. After some time opera lasts, Gabriel Knight will arrive, and make a real dumbyhead of himself, but eventually, he'll shift to grey wolf, and von Glower will succeed to run in the basement before he shifts to black wolf.

Now, for the final acts. You're in a maze, and you can use your smelling abilities now to see where you and von Glower are. You must block all the doors (5) and prevent him from escaping through the ventilation, and finally, let him withdraw to the furnace room. Once there (10), Grace and Leber will come, and Gracie will shout something like 'THE BLACK ONE! SHOOT THE BLACK ONE!'. However, kommissar Leber will not be sure, and there's no time for thinking. It's rule 'act don't react' that must be followed right now. First, you'll control Gabriel. Click on Grace (1) and when controling her, open the furnace (2), and click back on Gabriel (1). Now, you must wait, and the very moment von Glower decides to jump, you must jump and push him into the furnace (20). Leber will try to catch you after all, but Gracie will prevent him from shooting again. You're free... but what about the curse?

THE END is here, and definitely not with the top score. Sit back, and watch out the end sequence.

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