Written by  :  James1 (247)
Written on  :  Sep 27, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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What can I say? Awesome!

The Good

I liked pretty much everything, and the voice acting was superb for its time. BASS was made by Revolution Software, and that was not a very well known company back then, and to say that BASS could be compared to Lucasarts adventures is to say that they are pretty damn good at what they do!!!

The Bad

My copy of the game had a bug in it (which was probably why I bought it for $10), every 5 mins or so the game would come up with a blue screen of death and quit, so I had to save every 2 mins or so. Other than that it was fine.

The Bottom Line

If you like Lucasarts, then get this!!! This is very much like Lucasarts games.