Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu for BENC - note settings box
Car selection 1
Car selection 2
Car selection 3
Typical start screen for a race
Cockpit view, with infobox. The game includes Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Mercurys, because they all were a part of NASCAR in 1991.
There's Bill!
Bill Elliott's car again - notice lack of Coors beer branding.
In-car shot
Example of how the game shows that cars are colliding on-track (non-realistic).
Replay example of a typical two-car crash. Player's car is blue, gray and white.
Another look at the VCR functions
The crash again - note that this VCR view only allows for 3D polygons.
Example of what a crash looks like from a competitor's viewpoint. There are only about six different bitmaps: front, back, side-front, side-back and side, so watching a car spin is not realistic.
Screen showing we've crashed - oh damn.
Race results screen. Note Bill Elliott is the only real driver.
Typical screen if Bill Elliott wins the race. If you win, you get a different screen. If a fictional driver wins the race, no screen appears.
Main menu (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
Main menu (CGA)
Gameplay (CGA)