Birds of Prey Credits (DOS)

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Birds of Prey Credits


Programmed byChristopher Sawyer
Original Game Design byArgonaut Software Ltd.
3D Graphics System byPeter Warnes
3D Shape Design byDanny Emmett
Sound Effects byDavid Whittaker
Game Front End byChristopher Humphries, Ian Crowther
Artwork byHerman Serrano, Tom Ashton
Game Map byAnthony Smith, Christopher Humphries
Additional Graphics byPaul Reid, Giles Goddard
Special Thankyou toRichard Harrison, Joss Ellis, Jacqui Lyons
ProducerJoss Ellis
Assistant ProducerJohn Roberts
Product ManagementAnn Williams
PlaytestingMatthew Webster, Jeff Haas
Quality AssuranceClive Downie
Technical SupportColin McLaughlan
DocumentationDavid Luoto
Manual LayoutCarol Aggett

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159714) and B.L. Stryker (20884)