Written by  :  helm lehm (13)
Written on  :  Jun 12, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Surely Blizzards finest hour

The Good

This game gets almost everything right. From the intro sequence,to the amazingly Duke nukemish main character, to the medieval/new age setting. I must agree that there is a most common misconception that blizzards latest games where better, this game really shines with originality, a worth heir to flashback.

The Bad

well, there's one thing, the "hide in shadows" gunplay really doesnt stand for much since you can always "roll in" a scene guns blazing and take everybody down. And the levels could use a little sinematique sequencies ala Flashback, Otherwise, all is well.

The Bottom Line

A mosty noble attempt to serious platforming in the vein of Dephine's greatests. Now, if only they could publish the engine...if a blizzard representative is reading this, please, do the "ANOTHER WORLD FAN CLUB UNITED" a favour and publish it, its not like youre still making money off it.'