Blood Bowl Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Scroll.
Title Scroll.
Intro video shows mortally wounded players.
Main menu.
The game options allow you to fiddle around with rules, field conditions, and difficulty.
You can either coach a team yourself or get the computer to do all the fun work.
Loading a game shows the Blood Bowl trophy under lock and chain.
The Association of Broadcasting Conjurers are the station which brings you the game.
Overlooking the field.
The coin flip.
Your colourful commentators.
The roster.
Selecting plays.
The players take the field.
The first kick!
Now you can decide where to move like in a strategy game.
Playing on an icy field.
The blimp-cam allows you to see the whole field and see statistics.
The lighter squares are where my player is allowed to move.
The game statistics. Not much has happened yet.
A particularly detailed play will have a small zoom box like this one.
A particularly good play will get a replay from this view.
Setting up a tournament.
Taking a detailed look at a player.
The schedules for the games and their outcomes.
League standings.
This leader board menu allows you to see the types of leaders the game looks for including kills.
Reikland Reavers are the 2494-95 champs!