Blood & Magic Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Some sorcerers to protect your base.
It's the war.
Which creature will I choose to enable ?
Lots of simple golems in their pyramidal shapes, it means a lot of mana for you.
You win a battle but others are waiting for you !
Each story (5) consists of three maps, which can be played from both sides of the conflict, for a total of 30 missions.
Campaign selection screen
The tutorial really helps to lower the learning curve... does the built-in help on all interface features...
...and in-game encyclopedia on creatures & items
Your units can pick up a variety of magical items
Flying units can cross otherwise impassable obstructions such as permanent walls or irrigation canals
Each mission is introduced by a slide show of neatly drawn illustrations accompanied by a narrator
Liberating a town from the undead pestilence
Mission completed!
Build up your mana generation base early
Credits screen: even the developers are portrayed as drawings consistent with game style
Transforming a basal golem into a (much prettier) creature...
Some high-level followers can cast spells (using your mana pool).
Four of your basal golems can transform into a mystical site at the empty foundation.
Even the terrain itself may grant you protection...
...or pose a lethal danger!
Juggernaut, a massive hulk bent on destruction. You can't control it even when it's on your side.
Probably the most unique map in this game: a dangerous maze. Note a creature turned into stone by a roaming gorgon.
Alas I have lost this battle...
You can transform your golems into a wall, preferably at some choke point.
When you complete all 5 stories you will unlock the random campaign, fought on all 15 maps.
Create your mage character for the custom campaign.