Blood: Plasma Pak Credits (DOS)

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Blood: Plasma Pak Credits


Game DesignerNicholas Newhard
Project ManagerMatt Saettler
Build Engine, Editor, and ToolsKen Silverman
Lead ProgrammerNicholas Newhard
ProgrammersDaniel Leeks, Peter Freese
Network Layer/Setup ProgramMark Dochtermann, Nicholas Newhard
ArtistKevin Kilstrom
Additional ArtworkTerry Hamel
Character ModelingKevin Kilstrom
Level DesignersCraig Hubbard, Jay Wilson
Additional Level DesignKevin Kilstrom, Nicholas Newhard, Terry Hamel
Sound EnginePeter Freese, Jim Dosé
Sound DevelopmentDaniel Bernstein, Cassano Thruston, James Ackley, Jace Hall
Music Composed byDaniel Bernstein, Guy Whitmore
Additional Music byMike Cody, Loudmouth
Voice TalentStephan Weyte
Cultist Language Developed byDaniel Bernstein
3D AnimationAaron Carlson, Derek Bentley, Peter Arisman, Benjamin Pierre, Scott Thurman, Brian Waite, Phillip Ulberg
3D CoordinatorPaul Renault
Blood Internet Site ( Maiers, Paul Butterfield, Adam Ketola, Kevin Kilstrom, Craig Hubbard
Quality AssuranceLynne S. Dayton, Jim McAvinew, John Hurst, Mike Cody, Rodd Karp, Wyeth O. Johnston, Isaac Barry, Gary Pope, Kevin Bailey, Michael Caine
Lead AnalystLeonard Salas
GTI ProducerRick Raymo
Special ThanksHelen Newhard, Francine Kilstrom, Lauren Johnson, Tamara Leeks, Lisa Sheets, Cynthia Freese

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) and BurningStickMan (18027)