Blood Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen. 320x200 is the game's default resolution
The intro is a pre-rendered full-motion video
Level introduction on the loading screen
This is where you begin
A zombie appears!
Secrets abound
Flame gun, hehehe!..
Choose the episode. You can switch to a higher resolution...
A creepy entrance to a creepy place...
Using your voodoo doll to hurt enemies
One of the stages is a moving train! Enjoy the view, and... well... throw some dynamite
The hall of tortured souls
Grim atmosphere is felt everywhere in the game
Charming pun, right?..
This level is a spooky carnival show!
The skull that kills
Note the detailed, inspiring - though dark and sometimes depressing - art
"Follow the map mode" is quite helpful sometimes
Tommy gun against a gargoyle!
It was a snowy day in the town. Various guys tried to kill me. I fried one of them with a futuristic weapon
Setting people on fire... you can choose to do it, you can choose not to...
A mysterious mansion lied ahead... brooding weather adds to the atmosphere
Yuck! I knew I'll have to face something like this in a first-person shooter
The funeral morgue
One of the indoor levels of the third episode. Note the very detailed art on the wall
Doctor, I think these patients are getting worse...
Later in the game those crazy leaping hell dogs will become a common enemy
Everything is on fire - myself, the corpses of my enemies... and the purple glow envelops us all...
A deceptively quiet village. A zombie is looking for something near the house; another has been just killed by me. Power-up is nearby
A cozy scene with a small house in a forest
Wee! Blowing up stuff with a rocket launcher
Later levels will also become more "organic" - the fourth episode is mostly about such crazy places
Bigger explosions await you
Later levels have a more condensed "hellish" feeling. Just look at the sky...
Select your difficulty level with colorful names, with a spooky graveyard in the background!
One of the stages starts on a boat! You take out your revolver and just admire the gorgeous, dark view...
The help screen is very funny! The poor guy will be attacked by various monsters while you learn how to play the game...
Above the snake pit in E1L4
Stone gargoyles are worthy foes
There are many funny ads. You see crazy (and probably innocent) people running or standing about. And you admire the nice bullet effect...
On a pirate ship, with a double-barrel shotgun, looking at a typical "can't open because I don't have the corresponding key" door, and some TNT in front...
"Look ma! I'm on fire!"
Duke Nukem's cameo appearance!
Welcome to the land of fat balding zombies!.. Note how you can change the amount of visible interface
You can swim if you want, and dive as well! And you'll see who lives in the water!
A typical day in Blood - a shop with women (mannequins?), posters, dead bodies, and a maniacal cultist throwing dynamite at me! You can even see the dynamite in this shot!
The hall of Cerberus
When I first saw this, I was very close to... err... soil my pants!
Re-light my fire! And yes, this higher resolution is supported!
A nice painting...
A place from the movie "Se7en"
Cougar and D'arc´s Pandemonium Show.. it´s sure looks funny...
'No Zombies Allowed'? My God, that is so awful!
Cerberus and Tchernobog duke it out
What Blood game would be complete without a horror reference ? Here is something from H. P. Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'.
Dual flame guns
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