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BloodNet (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

BloodNet Credits


Executive ProducerMark E. Seremet
Associate ProducerJohn Antinori
Game Design and WritingJohn Antinori, Laura Kampo
Producer of Role‑PlayingLawrence Schick
ProgrammingRick Hall, Frank Kern, Christopher Short
Art DirectorQuinno Martin
GraphicsThomas Howell, Quinno Martin, William Petras, Kelly Trout, Kelly Vadas
MusicMichael Bross
SoundMichael Bross, Michael Goodis
Map ConstructionTom Rigas
Director of PublicationsJoseph Morel
Quality Assurance DirectorMichael Craighead
Quality AssuranceBill Burton, Mike Corcoran, Tom Rigas, Matt Showalter, Destin Strader, Timothy Train
Original ConceptLawrence Schick
Design ConsultantsF. J. Lennon, Lawrence Schick
PlaytestingWalter Carter, Hamilton Chu, Jeff Dinger, Rob Heckart, Andy Mazurek, John Possidente, Mick Uhl
Product ManagerJohn Dreibelbis
Package DesignJulie Burness, Sarah Warburton
Manual Design and LayoutSarah Kerr
Managing DirectorAlkis Alkiviades

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158585) and Roberto Teichmann (377)