Bomb'X Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen with our four ugly protagonists looming in front of the logo (VGA)
Copy protection -- ensure that the members are oriented in the correct direction (VGA)
Select which of up to four players you wish to compete (VGA)
Blasting bricks with a substance generally used more for construction than demolition, to reveal a titillating background (VGA)
"Love Meter" filled (top left), the girl in the centre of the screen is ready to complete the level ... (VGA)
... and, now suitably attired, so am I! (VGA)
So upset that the next level features the same girl behind a different layout, I scatter my seed aimlessly (VGA)
A weiner is you! (VGA)
In multiplayer competition, you can squirt the opposing member into dazed submission (VGA)
While permitting access to the end-of-level rumpus and protecting against virii, the condom prevents you from shooting -- as demonstrated here. (VGA)
A multiplayer bonus stage -- the most surreal ever -- where your phalluses reach out with hands on their ends to "kitchy-koo" at flashing items of clothing worn by the model in the middle. (VGA)
Title screen with our four ugly protagonists blocking a gentler, more 16-colour environment (16 colours)
A bizarre start-of-level animation, where a walking phallus in a trenchcoat "flashes" you with, instead of /his/ phallus (and, presumably, /its/ phallus also?) the map layout of the next level (16 c)
1st level, minus the cheesecake in the background. Magically most of the game's appeal instantly evaporates. (16 colours)