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    Irvine, California, March 29, 1996 --Interplay Productions announced today the release of Bridge Deluxe II With Omar Sharif tm on CD-ROM for IBM and 100% compatibles. The computer bridge program features one of the most powerful and advanced algorithms ever developed for such a card game. As a personalized instructor within the game, Omar Sharif, an internationally renowned master bridge player and actor, comes to life in full-motion video and digitized speech to teach the beginning player the various strategies of bridge. Advanced and intermediate players can also practice strategies and game play at championship levels.

    "This version is completely redesigned and vastly improved from the original Omar Sharif On Bridge tm" said Jim Veevaert, marketing manager for Interplay. "We knew Bridge players would look forward to a Bridge program with such high artificial intelligence, so we worked with some of the top Bridge players in the world to create this in-depth game for both the beginner and advanced player."

    With game play ranging from one player on a single station to four players over a network, Bridge Deluxe II offers various tutorials for beginners and intermediate players and advanced level options for bridge masters.

    Bridge Deluxe II features a variety of playing options including Take-Out Doubles, the Stayman Convention, Jacoby Transfers and over 20 other conventions. Players have the option to set up practice hands with specific card distribution or opt for random or biased dealing. This option gives players complete control over game play and allows the player to customize to their own bidding and playing style. Experienced Bridge players will sharpen their playing skills with such strategies as Blackwood, Gerber, or forced slam bids, or practicing their weak points with take-back and review options. In conjunction with Sharif, Dr. Tony Sowter, an internationally recognized expert on the game, developed the in-depth on-disk tutorial, which is designed to assist players with introductions into the various techniques inherent in this complex and lively game.

    The game-interface makes use of the highest-quality SVGA graphics with outstanding full motion video and stunning photographic backdrops of Sharif’s native Paris. A unique subdued highlighting technique accents the hand in play, allowing the player to remain focused on the game without distracting and cumbersome computer tasks.

    Also included is an on-disk glossary of bridge playing terms, a how-to when scoring the rubber, a bibliography of recommended reading to improve the players game and a thorough and comprehensive guide to bidding, from the basics to the intricate strategies. For the player who is interested in getting in and learning quickly, there are quick reference guides on how to bid and score the game.

    Founded in 1983, Interplay Productions is a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a wide range of award-winning entertainment and educational software designed by gamers, for gamers. Interplay, MacPlay (the company’s Macintosh division), VR Sports (the company’s sports division) and its affiliates release products for IBM and compatibles, CD-ROM and Macintosh as well as leading console game platforms. In 1995, Interplay acquired Shiny Entertainment, makers of the world-wide hit video game Earthworm Jim. Interplay's OEM division represents over 250 titles from publishers including Davidson & Associates, Inc., Viacom New Media, LucasArts Entertainment and Humongous Entertainment to hardware manufacturers. Interplay titles include Descent II, VR Soccer, Virtual Pool, Stonekeep and Loaded. More comprehensive information about the company is availible on their website at

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