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Brzdąc (DOS)

Brzdąc Screenshots

DOS version

Brzdąc DOS Logo screen

Logo screen

Brzdąc DOS Main menu

Main menu

Brzdąc DOS Letter/picture choice

Letter/picture choice

Brzdąc DOS T as trumpet

T as trumpet

Brzdąc DOS colored trumpet

colored trumpet

Brzdąc DOS B as bocian

B as bocian

Brzdąc DOS colored stork

colored stork

Brzdąc DOS playing the cymbals

playing the cymbals

Brzdąc DOS recording


Brzdąc DOS puzzle choice

puzzle choice

Brzdąc DOS puzzle easiest level

puzzle easiest level

Brzdąc DOS 1 minute 46 seconds

1 minute 46 seconds

Brzdąc DOS puzzle high scores

puzzle high scores

Brzdąc DOS puzzle hardest level

puzzle hardest level

Brzdąc DOS 83 moves to finish

83 moves to finish

Brzdąc DOS cut-out main screen

cut-out main screen

Brzdąc DOS cut-out saved works

cut-out saved works

Brzdąc DOS cut-out hand drawing

cut-out hand drawing

Brzdąc DOS cut-out cutting figures

cut-out cutting figures

Brzdąc DOS cut-out pasting figures

cut-out pasting figures

Brzdąc DOS cut-out drawing circle

cut-out drawing circle